Developer: Suspicious Developments

Publisher: Suspicious Developments

Have you ever heard the phrase Simplicity is bliss? Well I think that phrase describes almost perfectly the experience that I’ve had with Morphblade recently. I got this game fairly recently, and had forgotten about it, meaning to play it time and time again but always having my attention pulled elsewhere by various things, however it is only now after playing it that I regret not trying it sooner.

So what is Morphblade exactly?

To put it in the simplest terms possible, it’s a turn based hex grid geometry bug squishing puzzle horde mode game. Oh wait, simple, right. It’s a turn based strategy game.

The way the game works is fairly simple, you have 6 available forms that your ‘morph’ can take on in order to deal with enemies.  Those forms all have their uses, but they also get a little more complex after you’ve scratched their surface


You have the following morphs and here’s what they do:

  • The hammer
    • It smashes any enemy that you click on that is directly in front of it, but only in front.
  • The spear
    • This kills an enemy that is in a two hex line, and also simultaneously moves you two hex’s
  • The teleport
    • This allows you to move instantly to any hex on your grid
  • The medkit
    • This heals you after you’ve taken damage
  • The acid
    • This destroys a blue shield that is on certain enemy types
  • The dual blades
    • This destroys enemies to the left and right of the hex that you move to, but only the left and right.

They are all pretty simple, and they each have their uses, however the complexity of the game comes in upon killing all enemies in a wave. After every enemy is dead in a wave a few hex’s will appear with different morphs on them, when you select one, that hex now becomes a solid platform for your morph to move on, and also a useful ability for you to utilize. However you cannot just randomly select a hex based solely on the ability it offers, you must also remember that in selecting the hex you are also creating the field that you will have to fight on.


Not to bad right, well prepare for the next layer. Upon killing a certain amount of enemies with certain abilities, or a certain amount dying atop others, they gain an upgrade, however this upgrade isn’t just a simple choice, depending on the morphs surrounding the one that is upgradeable it allows for different upgrades, and it can only benefit from the upgrade of one morph so if you have multiple around the same hex, your upgrades for it will be very limited. Each Morph also gets a unique benefit from the other morphs as well, they can also gain an upgrade from the type of morph as well so having two of the same next to each other isn’t a bad idea.


Moving on, when it comes to a story, or plot, there isn’t any really, this is just a pretty simple in design, but very complex fun little game. I honestly had a good amount of fun with it and can gladly recommend it!


Morphblade is currently available on steam for 4.99USD or your regional equivalent.

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