Dungeons 2

Developer: Kalypso Media

Release date: Steam- April 24 2015, PS4- May 24 2016

To be the bad guy, most people’s deepest darkest dream in games when we play them. Sure everyone can love being the good guy who saves the day and makes everyone happy, but every now and again, there’s this desire, this want.

“What if I was the bad guy for once, and just steam rolled the good guys, I mean, without me they’re basically useless!”

Well Dungeons 2 is the game for you then as you take the mantle of quite literally, The Ultimate Evil. You are instructed and led by, in my humble opinion, one of the best written narrators, as you command the vast and powerful horde. However things are not all dark, and vile, as you march on the last bastion of Good left in the Overworld you are banished by a group of hero’s and your horde broken and scattered. However after a while your angry evil soul awakes and it’s hungry for the coldest dish, Revenge.

Upon this you are dumped into the actual game itself

So what is the actual game you’re probably asking, “How does it play?” Well it’s actually a fairly simple game, it takes elements from the beloved franchise Dungeon Keeper, in that you have works and must dig out a complex (or simple) dungeon lay out to place down rooms to attract different kinds of monstrosities to your dungeon, however layered on top of these mechanics is the Overworld, here the game switches from a building and management game to a somewhat basic RTS. However due to this RTS feature being in the game unlike in the Dungeon Keeper franchise you can’t quite get ‘unlimited’ amounts of creatures and just roll your opposition over, but with the ability to train your creatures increasing their attack and making them into specific variations allows for you to make an army that fits your needs and wants.

During the main campaign your objective is basically to just recreate your evil empire and reap the vengeance that was so wrongfully taken away from you. All the while you’re being instructed by the absolutely delightful narrator I cannot stress enough how much they made the game for me, it’s stocked with well-done voice lines and fantastically written references and jokes, all though for some they may not be as funny and may come off as cheesy, bear in mind that there are actual options to mute the narrator completely, or make it so he only speaks for important things such as telling you objectives and furthering the plot of the current mission. Though personally I find that Kevan Brighting work here is amazingly done.

Moving swiftly forward let’s get down to the nitty gritty of what I liked and didn’t like about the game.

What I Liked:

  • The game felt really well paced and it flowed nicely, I never really felt underwhelmed of overwhelmed.
  • The narrator in the game to me is amazing and well written and should you not like him you can even disable his narration completely.
  • The mixing of RTS with the management styles of the Dungeon Keeper of old I feel is done fantastically by Kalypso Media
  • The art direction of the game feels like it fits like a glove to me, it’s cartoony enough that it allows for silly things, but has just enough a tinge of realism that you can appreciate the grotesqueness of things
  • The gameplay differences between the 2 playable factions, being The Ultimate Evil with his Orcs and such, versus the play style of The Chaotic Evil with their Demons and such are pleasantly different.

What I dislike:

  • Though each mission in the story is fun and the story silly, the main gameplay loop I found as time went on became very repetitive, I had a standard army I used every time and it worked without fail, but at the same time it changed enough that I didn’t notice until nearing the very end, this problem is of course is somewhat remedied by the edition of the Chaotic Evil later on.
  • Though I praise the story and the narrator and it’s writing it is worth saying that it could all be found to be very cheesy and lack luster depending on your sense of humor.
  • The RTS elements of it are fairly basic baring a few interesting abilities of creatures you get later on, but most of the time it just breaks down to clicking on what you need to die first then letting them go after whatever they want next.


At the end of the day if a good narrator can make a game for you I highly recommend this game to you. However if it’s not that simple for you, I would suggest maybe waiting till the game goes on sale for somewhere around 20$.

The game has an ESRB of T for Teens
The game has a PEGI rating of  12+

You can find the game on steam for 29.99$ USD or your regional equivalent as well as PS4.

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