Honestly, one of the best parts of buying a game off of GOG is the fact that, for a lot of games, they include the soundtrack and some other goodies in the price. No need to pay extra, or to dig around on the internet to find it. It’s included right there for you.

I care more about this than DRM freedom. Steam’s DRM is pretty reasonable, but you often have to pay extra for the game’s soundtrack (IF Steam happens to offer the soundtrack). And even then, Steam doesn’t usually include other extra material, such as behind-the-scenes videos. GOG’s store offers more value for the price, so it’s worth the time to find a game on there.

Do you prefer GOG to other platforms, or is there another store you happen to like? Comment below!

I’m on a brief hiatus, so you won’t be seeing a whole lot from me this week. Just a bunch of short scheduled posts. However, the rest of the guys are hard at work delivering new content to you, and I’ll be back soon with a whole slew of new reviews and other material. Stay tuned! -Josh

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