This is part of the #FreeGameFriday series, where we find free games for you to play every Friday.

I was on the Google Play store late one night, browsing and seeing what the latest games are. I had seen Stack on the list a couple of times recently, so I decided to download it and give it a go.


The premise is simple: there’s a platform moving back and forth over a tower base; tap while it’s over the tower. Any portion of that platform that’s not touching the tower falls off, and the base for you to place your next platform becomes smaller. Each platform and base becomes smaller and smaller until you eventually fail to place a platform on the tower, and then the game ends.

Each game, you earn a certain amount of diamond-shaped points, which can be collected to purchase extra themes.


And that’s about it. No extra mechanics or anything that I’ve found. While something a little more complex sounds more appealing to me, it is nice to have a small, simple game to play when I’ve got a minute to spare.

Feel free to check it out; I mean, it’s free, so why not?

Platforms: Android, iOS

Stay tuned, as we’re planning to share more free games every Friday!

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