Elder Scrolls Online: Shadows of the Hist DLC

Elder Scrolls Online has released Update 11! In addition to a whole slew of useful updates, they launched their third DLC of 2016, Shadows of the Hist, which is a pack of two Argonian dungeons.


The first dungeon, the Ruins of Mazzatun (also known as the Puzzle City), is located in the northwest corner of Shadowfen and has a story revolving around freeing Argonian slaves. It’s got some unusual new mechanics and some very challenging bosses; make sure you have a great team around you to get you through it!

The second, Cradle of Shadows, is dark, dreary, and spider-themed. Seriously, there’s tons of spiders. Don’t enter if you have arachnophobia. You’ve been warned!

Both dungeons are pretty standard fare for an ESO dungeon: there’s a story, there’s enemies to fight, and you’ve got a few (increasingly difficult) bosses to beat. Both dungeons are beautifully-rendered, and there’s a decent selection of loot present inside. Both are challenging and contain an engaging story, each with different newly-introduced mechanics to fascinate (or frustrate) you. There’s a small title that’s included with the pack as well, so you can show off to your friends that you’re a hero of Black Marsh.


At the end of the day, it’s a little disappointing that the DLC is basically only a couple of dungeons. However, the rest of Update 11 makes up for that, and it’s understandable to have bouts of smaller content in between the larger DLCs. I can forgive them for releasing a small dungeon pack this time, especially since it gives players more to do. Either way, the dungeons offer something new to do with your friends, and you can never spend enough time in Black Marsh. I recommend getting it at the very least for holding you over until the next DLC, which is set to release later this year.

Cost: $15 / 1500 crowns

Platforms: Xbox One, PlayStation 4, Windows

The Elder Scrolls Online: Gold Edition is releasing on September 9th! Check it out!

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