Fallout 4: Vault-Tec DLC

If you’ve followed along with us recently, you might know that I hated the Fallout 4 Season Pass up to this point. Well, maybe not “hated”, but I haven’t exactly been pleased, either.


Thankfully, I can say that I was pleasantly surprised by the Vault-Tec DLC. The expansion focuses on new Workshop content that allows you to build your own Vaults of terror and experiment on its unsuspecting inhabitants. Vault 88, previously unavailable in the game, has also been added, along with a short story quest that doubles as a tutorial for the Vault-Tec Workshop mechanics.

Considering the price ($5) and the amount of content that they managed to cram into this expansion, I’m impressed. This is easily the one DLC in the season pass that’s the most cost-effective of the bunch. Automatron contained a story quest and Workshop content as well, but it costs $10.

The story’s quest starts with your player character receiving a radio signal from Vault 88, where they must go and help restore the Vault. Along the way, you unlock various Workshop equipment and experimental Vault equipment. While the quest is written well enough, the way it educates players on how to operate the experiments is brilliant; the NPCs and quest descriptions explain what needs to happen to run a thriving Vault. While it may seem unnecessary and ridiculous, I wouldn’t have had any idea how to properly set up the experiments if it weren’t for the quest.

However, the shining star of the DLC isn’t the main quest, but all of the Workshop material. Seriously, there are so many rooms, panels, and decorations that you’ll find all kinds of wild combinations to build your own Vault. And let’s not forget about the experiments; there are several available to torment… ahem, test your Vault subjects… um, dwellers. It’s a lot of fun putting together Vaults. In addition, there are plenty of trinkets and decorations you can use to liven up your Vault, including safety posters and Vault Boy and Vault Girl statues. Huge. Statues.


I do have some minor complaints, though; for one, the pack doesn’t include a large Vault door. We do get a smaller one reminiscent of doors present in the classic Fallout games (which is awesome in its own way), but nothing on Fallout 4’s scale. In addition, it’s impossible to build a Vault underground (except in the Vault 88 site), but that’s understandable. And finally, it doesn’t look like there’s a way for us to number our Vaults.

Despite its (very) minor flaws, the Vault-Tec expansion is (finally) a worthy addition to Fallout 4. I highly recommend it, and hope you have a lot of fun tinkering with your Vaults and processing experiment results.

Here’s hoping Nuka-World is anywhere near as good.

Platforms: Windows, PlayStation 4, Xbox One

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