Mod: Morrowind Overhaul

Hi there! I’m here to write a quick review on the Morrowind Overhaul mod for the PC version of The Elder Scrolls III: Morrowind.

I got into the Elder Scrolls series pretty late; I first bought Skyrim around Christmas of 2014. No DLCs, either – just the base game. I loved it so much that, within a few months, I purchased the Anthology set on Amazon. I had to see what the rest of the games were like.

Since then, I’ve played Skyrim’s DLCs, played through Oblivion (and Shivering Isles), played a decent chunk of Morrowind, and recently started enjoying the world of Online. Not to mention, I’ve collected copies of Redguard and Battlespire.

As a newbie, Oblivion was hard enough to push through because of how different it was from Skyrim; the graphics were obviously older, the interface was completely different, and some of the mechanics were unfamiliar. I managed to push through, though, and it ended up being a fantastic experience. I still come back to the game from time to time and work on side quests.

MGE Screenshot 008.png

However, trying to play Morrowind after Oblivion and Skyrim was even more of a challenge. The graphics were much older, there’s a lack of fast travel (love it or hate it), and the game relies heavily on classic pen-and-paper RPG elements (ie, dice rolls) to determine if an action is successful or not.

Understandably, this made playing the game a small chore for a newbie like me. After a couple of initial attempts, I found a mod pack known as Morrowind Overhaul. I figured I’d try it out and attempt to play through the game again.

The mod pack includes several graphical enhancements, and those are the strongest parts of the pack. Cities feel more life-like and contain tress, shrubs, and other organic clutter. Forests feel alive, and the volcanic areas feel like valleys of death. In some ways, the game looks better than vanilla Oblivion, and I sure as heck won’t complain about that. However, the abundance of shrubs makes it more difficult to find certain loot/quest items, so that’s one minor downside.

MGE Screenshot 037.png

The mod pack also includes some different tweaks and fixes, such as unofficial bug patches. These are helpful for keeping the game stable and for improving the experience for users. They don’t change any of the core mechanics, but they do make certain tasks easier and improve items like the map and UI.

If you’re an Elder Scrolls fan of any kind, I highly recommend you get a copy of Morrowind (you can get it on Steam for a decent price) and get this mod pack. It’s a great way to be introduced to this groundbreaking game.

You can get Morrowind Overhaul from here.

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