HTC Vive : Setup Struggles!


Recently I purchased the HTC Vive. I have been wanting to dip my feet into the world of Virtual Reality for quite some time now. I got to wet my appetite with the Samsung VR. This device (The Samsung VR) came free with the purchase of my phone the Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge. I really got interested in the VR phenomenon when I had my experiences with the Samsung VR.

I did my research, and I came to a conclusion that I wanted the HTC Vive. My research had led me to believe that this device would provide the best experience with VR. I make this claim because the Vive has room tracking abilities, meaning it wouldn’t just be a seated experience. The Oculus Rift is working on these capabilities but as of now it is mainly a seated, or standing experience.

Although the Vive touts a better experience; let me start with my experience setting up the Vive. I’m going to summarize the experience to one word. Frustration.

Frustration because I have now had to buy three different elements in an effort to get this device to work. I already had the EVGA Nvidia GTX 1070 FTW ordered. That gpu is basically the next generation of my EVGA Nvidia GTX 970 SC. Also I had already known through my research I would need a more powerful gpu. Let me warn you, if you don’t have two HDMI ports on your gpu (which most of them don’t, they only have one) you are in for a headache!

The HTC Vive has a central hub known as the Link. The link is where you connect all your hardware. On one side there are orange ports with HDMI, USB, and a Power Connector. This is where you connect the Vive directly. Then from the other side you plug a USB and HDMI cable into ports on your PC. Take note, you have to have your current display and Vive connected into the same video source, namely your main gpu.


Link Box

The HTC VIVE Link Box

This is where I ran into problems. I only have one HDMI port on my gpu. This HDMI port is being used up by my display. On the Link, there is a mini DisplayPort connector between the USB and HDMI in the image above at the top. I read through some threads and they were saying to use the mini DisplayPort and plug into your DisplayPort of your gpu. So after work I took a trip to Wal-Mart since it was the only place open at that hour. The only thing I could find there was a mini DisplayPort to HDMI adapter. Not sure why I thought that would work because I still needed some way of getting it to the DisplayPort.

This brought me to the next day going to Best Buy. I asked an associate if they had HDMI to DisplayPort cables. He led me to a HDMI to DisplayPort adapter. Knowing I had the mini DisplayPort to HDMI adapter already, I wondered if maybe I could use the mini DisplayPort to HDMI adapter to connect an HDMI between the HDMI to DisplayPort adapter. WOW that got confusing fast! Guess what, still didn’t work. It must be that it was going through too many conversions.

So I returned my search to the internet. Bought an HDMI to DisplayPort cord (The one I originally went to the store to get). Currently waiting for this to arrive.

So all that said I still have not been able to use my Vive. I will update this post when the HDMI to DisplayPort cord arrives and let you know how that fairs. After all the frustration I’ve gone through and nearly $100 on top of the already high price of the Vive. It better work!

Also look for an update to this post for my review of the Vive when I finally get to play around with it. Thanks as always for reading, and may your gaming adventures be awesome!

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