Axiom Verge (Bonus Content)

I already reviewed Axiom Verge, but after mulling it over in my mind, I felt like I didn’t do the game enough justice. So, here’s some extra thoughts about the game. They don’t necessarily fit together cohesively, but they’re some more parts of the game that I enjoyed.

The controls. It was great that the game recognized my controller from the get go… it seems like not enough modern games do that, so it was refreshing to just pick up the controller and start playing without any additional configuration (or frustration). On top of that, the controls were just solid. The control mapping was easy enough to navigate, and everything was responsive; there was no input lag, no reason to blame a death on the way the game handled input. It just worked. I appreciate that so much.

Also, by default, the game lets you use your right thumbstick to switch between weapons in a wheel-like interface. It was clever and easy to navigate… honestly, that was one of my favorite parts of the game. It made it really easy for me to switch weapons on a whim without making things too difficult.


I know I touched on the graphics, but… my gosh, I did not do it justice. It’s so freaking detailed. It’s pixel graphics, sure, and who hasn’t seen enough pixel graphics lately? But the amount of detail that went into each tile, each character and creature… it’s phenomenal. I mean, check out this face:


Or heck, the bricks laid out throughout the map. Or this boss:


And not only are they detailed, they’re unique. These creations are, in some ways, unlike anything I’ve ever seen. Freaking brilliant, in my opinion.

One final note: each of the in-game bosses gradually turns deeper and deeper shades of red the more damage it takes. This is really helpful for knowing how much longer a boss fight is going to be. Sure, it’s not a traditional/conventional health bar, but it’s different and unique. I like it.

If you couldn’t tell, I really enjoyed this game. It was incredibly satisfying. I recommend that you check out our previous review, and then I suggest you get it as soon as you can. It’s well worth it.

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