Riders Of Icarus: First Impressions Review

Developer: WeMade

Publisher: Nexon America

Release Date: Jul 6, 2016

Sneaking up behind the giant spider as it skitters along it’s way, spell and crystal charging in your hand, when you suddenly leap forward into the air, landing onto it’s back with gentle grace, causing the spider to go into a panic, you use your wits and natural ability to calm and bring the spider under your control, and thusly become your friend, and mount for battle!

This is just an idea of what you have to look forward to in the newly released MMO, Riders of Icarus. I first caught sight of this game a on the day of its release, and at first glance it seemed fairly interesting and I thought it was well worth investigating.

The basic opening plot of this game is along the lines of a simple rpg story. You were helping protect the King’s daughter, traveling across with her carriage surrounded, when suddenly a group attacks, after fighting yourself and one other are taken as prisoners while the kings daughter is whisked away. You awake in a cell while a mysterious figure works on breaking you free of your jail cell, you fight your way out and then are dropped into the world of Riders of Icarus.

So with most entries into the MMO genre there is always something that the developers try to do to set their game apart from any other that may be out on the market currently. Riders of Icarus is no different. While it’s combat system and user interface is fairly similar to that of TERRA Online, it does have one defining feature that helps set it apart. The Mount and pet system.

The way the Mount and pet system works in this game is actually fairly interesting, as far as I’ve gotten, a vast majority of the creatures that I have encountered in this game, I can with some effort, tame and turn into a mount to ride around on, or a pet to fight at my side.


You might be wondering how exactly this works, well the mechanic for taming is not all that complicated. After a few levels and a quest for a tutorial you’re introduced to the taming mechanic. The mechanic itself is actually fairly simple, after activating the ability you must get close enough to the creature you’re trying to tame, you’re prompted to hit space and you must land your character on the creatures’ model. After doing so you’re rushed into a q.t.e, a green and red bar will begin to fill based on your characters level in comparison to the creatures level, on top of that the q.t.e will occasionally prompt you to hit a button significantly increasing the green bar or red bar depending if you fail or succeed. Once the green bar has fully filled the creature is tamed and is now a mount that you can summon at any moment to ride upon. However if the red bar fills you’re thrown off the creature and more often than not have to fight it.


For the sake of this being a first impressions rather than a full fledged review, I’ll be skipping my usual pro’s and con’s format and just talk about my likes and dislikes over all. I’ll have a short tl;dr for each.

So for what I like about the game. After spending some time with it I honestly like quite a few things about it, and I feel like it’s an MMO I may return to quite often. The Combat system is an action system allowing for the feel of some weight when you attack a creature or monster. The character customization is also fantastic and has quite a bit of depth, if you really want to get into you, you can probably manage to make some really interesting characters. Being a fan of the witcher I made a joke character called Geralt the Tiny, I was able to make him look like Geralt going through a Goth phase. Though I did not get to far and didn’t get to try taming many of the high level creatures, the taming system is actually rather fun, though it can be a bit random at times with what bar fills when, I feel that at later levels the q.t.e is probably much stronger and becomes vital to taming a creature., though in early levels it’s pretty standard and not really all that challenging. Finally the game looks gorgeous, from the armor design, to the weapons I was blown away by the fantastic look of everything.


TL;DR Likes:

  • Character customization
  • Taming
  • Visuals
  • Design of Weapons and Armor

Next I’ll try to briefly go over what I thought wasn’t that great about the game, and also any problems I had with it. So right out the gate, the combat system in the game, while feeling nice, at times was extremely clunky, I often found myself using the same combo of abilities in the same way over and over, and while the game encourages you to move while you fight, at early levels, it just didn’t seem worth it. The story of the game was fairly lack luster, and it never caught my attention once while I was playing, I often found the cutscenes the game offered to be interesting but they also felt like they drug on just a little too long. That is however not to say that you may find the story interesting, but for myself personally I was not able to get into it.

TL;DR Dislikes:

  • Combat=Good but Clunky
  • Story did not captivate me personally
  • Every fight was the same set of move combo’s


So over all I think I could recommend this game to anyone looking for something new to try out. The combat system is nice and it can keep your attention espically if you combo it with the taming in the game, as well as being able to have a fairly decent amount of control over how your character looks.

I think I can recommend it so strongly because at its current stage the game is free to play. So if it interests you in even the slightest, I cannot recommend more for you to go and give it a try.

The game is available on PC through Steam or Nexon.

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