First Impressions: Pokemon GO

As I’m sure you heard, Pokemon GO released last week. While everyone else is out catching virtual creatures and writing how-tos and reviews, we thought we’d put our two cents in. Here’s what a couple of us think:


Screenshot by Court Fongheiser

Gerty: After a few days of playing Pokemon GO I honestly have just a few things to say on it.

The first thing being that the servers are absolutely dreadful, about 90% of the time I couldn’t even really manage to do anything with the game because the servers where in a constant state of just being down all together.

The game also is not without it’s bugs, on multiple occasions while i played if i came across a Spearow and tried to capture it, during the capture animation the game would consistently bug out and Freeze on me. On top of that I know a few friends who have had issues because their phones are a year old, one issue being that the Pokemon wouldn’t even appear after the encounter, and not being able to even select one to encounter.

All that being said the game itself is very simple, and easy to understand after a little bit of playing it, while I wish there was just a tiny bit more customization for your trainers, I personally have been having a fairly good time going off on walks and seeing what I can find.

Screenshot by Josh F.

Screenshot by Josh F.

Josh: I’m surprised at how fun it is. Sure, veterans of the series might find some of the changes to the standard Pokemon formula to be a little dizzying, but honestly, those changes are for the better. The game encourages exploration and socialization, something that society is severely lacking nowadays. While walking around town and exploring other areas, I found items/buildings that I had no idea existed. And, yeah, I caught quite a few just in my living room, but I had the most fun when I went out exploring (and saw other people doing exactly what I was doing!).

It’s not perfect, but I hope with a few updates (trades between other trainers?), it’ll be a game that lasts a long time.

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