Smoothie Galaxy

I’m all about indie games. I love certain AAA titles, too, but indie games often have a certain element of charm and overall friendliness that big games don’t have. This is one of those games.


Smoothie Galaxy is a short top-down adventure/shooter game where you explore a planet to find four parts to repair your spaceship and escape. It’s simple, but charming. The game is rather short; it can be easily completed within an hour (and you’ll have to, as there is no save option that I’m aware of).

The world is colorful and fun to explore, and the music fits the environment (the graphics and music remind me a lot of the game Anodyne, which is also worth checking out). There are a few types of enemies and hazards, including two different bosses. While you can die, you don’t lose your progress when you do (unless, of course, you close the game).

The game’s length is both a pro and a con here; I feel as though I’ve spoiled the entire game for you in just the second paragraph, because that’s pretty much all there is here. There’s not much of a plot, and not too many areas to explore. However, that also means that the game doesn’t overstay its welcome at all; it’s a perfect length for someone who’s had a long day and doesn’t want to play something more intense.

I recommend giving this game a try. It’s inviting, and will leave you with a bit of satisfaction when you complete it.

Price: $0 (Get it here!)

Platform: Windows

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