In Ruins

I recently decided to try and find a game I could relax to. You know, a game I could use to wind down right before I go to bed. Not too stressful… something to wander around in. So, I browsed around and stumbled across this small game.


In Ruins is an experimental procedurally-generated game developed by Tom Betts. You start the game on the edge of a small island, and you visit each of the towers on the island to complete the game. When you complete the game, you can take a look at the world generation settings and change it up for your next playthrough.

The game itself takes less than twenty minutes to complete. I will say that I like the simplicity of the game. It’s quiet, and the objective is easy enough to complete. On top of that, the graphics and soundtrack are nice.


While a good experiment, it didn’t exactly fit what I was looking for (a relaxing game). Some of the towers were a struggle to reach, and the physics and world generation are a bit funky in some spots. I felt a little more stress than I expected. But then again, it’s an experiment; I can’t expect anything grandiose like I’m used to.

I do recommend that you give this a little try. It’s worth wandering the little island and taking a peek at what the world has to offer. And hey, it’s not going to cost you any money (and not much time). Check it out.

Price: $0 (Get it on

Platforms: Windows, Mac OS X.

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