Dev: SmashGames

Publisher: SmashGames

Release Date: Nov 6, 2015

Warping into a hostile zone with nothing but your blazing blue saber, brushing against a strange pods, items drop and fill your inventory as a stone plant worm erupts itself from the pod and rushes you.

These are most likely to be your first few minutes into the game RogueLands, a 2D Rogue Lite crafting, experimenting, and exploring game that I’ve enjoyed. This game was brought to my attention after watching a few streamers play this game together over the course of a few days, and I was instantly interested in this game by it’s charming style and simplistic combat mechanics, yet deep crafting and class working.


This game is made by the developer of Magicite, which if you’ve played this game is more than likely to feel fairly familiar to you. Personally I have yet to try Magicite but I may take a gander at it in the future.

The games plot is certainly not complex, your character is aboard a personal star ship with a fleet trying to find a way of stopping a creature known simply as “The Destroyer”. Your character is tasked with doing some of the heavy lifting, and ultimately a showdown with it will be in your future. However before you can do that, you must level up, gather materials, and slay monsters, and boss monsters of hostile zones to collect their parts, and resources available on the planet using friendly little drones that hover around your character. After you have resources you create tokens, then combine those tokens together in an anvil, different combinations making different things from a glorious blazing sword, to stave worthy of an arch mage.


However before you go crafting and building things you should be aware that when you create a character, you select two stats for that character, which determines your class and standing in this world. Depending on the two stats you select your character as it levels will automatically allocate stats to those two stats. Based on the strength of your stat also determines how well your character can use certain weapons, and the small description of each stat combo gives you a decent idea of what you’re going to want to try to get your hands on to make the most of your characters abilities.

So you’ve made some fancy armor, got some cool drones, and have a BAMF weapon and your killing things in one or two hits. You’ve reached your peak and you’re getting sloppy, you accidently get over zealous and end up getting killed. I have bad news and good news for you. The bad news is that everything that was in that characters personal inventory at that time is now lost, and there is no way to retrieve it. The good news, is that this game is not completely unforgiving. All items stored in your chest will persist unless playing on a higher difficulty. Yet there’s better news. After a character has died, depending on how much, how far, and how high a level your character was you get a set of 1-6 mystery boxes. Each one has either points to enhance that characters overall score, a new race, an outfit or hat, or a new style of a race you have unlocked.

Moving forward, let’s get on to the Pro’s and Con’s I feel this game has.


  • The game is far from graphically demanding and is a small download, most computers should be able to handle and play this game with relative ease.
  • The crafting system is intuitive and not overly complex
  • Each world has diverse enemies and each has its own degree of difficulty with different resources available at each one to help build bigger and better armor.
  • The Variety of weaponry has something for everyone
  • The art style, while very simple, is incredibly vibrant, and diverse in it’s character and creature design.
  • The game is cheap at 9.99 USD



  • The game has no qualms about punishing you, yet sometimes it can feel overly punishing if you’ve made simple mistakes or perhaps didn’t go somewhere adequately prepared.
  • Though the crafting system is far from complex, It can get frustrating to try and create a weapon for your character only to find that the stat’s it scales off of are ones that don’t work for your character.
  • Where the game has depth in its crafting mechanics and abilities, its biggest downfall can be its simplicity as things can become monotonous very quickly as you grind to prepare for harder zones.
  • While the creature, weapon, and boss designs for every world are by far the best part of the art style, every level has the exact same layout.


In the end I’ve enjoyed every moment I’ve had in this game so far, and I thoroughly recommend the game to any and everyone who enjoys a good experience, and with the ability for multiplayer in this game, the good times can be unlimited.

RogueLands is available on steam for Windows, Linux, and Mac for 9.99 USD or your regional equivalent.

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