This isn’t a game review; rather, it’s a short bit of text telling you about an awesome free utility for PC gamers.

So, imagine this: you’ve got a game on Steam or what have you, and it says that it supports game controllers. Awesome. That is, until you realize that the game only supports Xbox 360/Xbox One controllers. And you don’t own one.

Enter x360ce. It’s a small, lightweight utility that converts input from any joysticks/controllers you have connected to your device into Xbox controller input. Copy the app to the game’s directory (yes, you have to do that for every game you want to do this with – it’s an unfortunate downside, but worth it), configure it for the controllers you wish, and then launch the game. It’s just that simple.

I’ve used the app for Sonic Generations and Star Wars: The Force Unleashed (and others), and it’s worked great. I would note that, if the joystick input acts a little bit funky, you can use the program JoyToKey in conjunction with x360ce to improve the experience.

Cost: $0

Platform: Windows

Get it here

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