Is Bungie Robbing you?

Back in 2014, Bungie released its highly anticipated game, Destiny. As the spiritual successor to Halo, expectations were sky high and the game was destined, pardon the pun, to be one of the “generation defining” games to come out for current generation consoles. Despite the game selling like hotcakes, it was heavily criticized for not having enough content at launch, and being a bit of a grind (maybe that’s putting it mildly). Bungie, however, was determined to release more content to its dedicated audience. The Dark Below and the House of Wolves launched, and slowly, but surely, the fan base started to ease up on the game’s grinding nature. With some of the best shooting mechanics in the industry today and a passionate following, Destiny launched The Taken King, a $40 dollar expansion that was virtually Destiny 2 compared to the content that launched with the vanilla game, yet there are some who still think Bungie is “cash grabbing” its fans. This begs the question, is Bungie robbing you by charging $40 dollars for its expansions? My answer is no. It’s not, simply because the people who actually play the game on a consistent basis end up putting hundreds of hours into Destiny. There is a community within Destiny that has happily put hundreds of hours into the game without yelling, “They’re robbing us of our money”. Why? It’s because the players have come to terms with how the game is played. You level up, grind, get better gear, repeat. Sure, it’s nothing new, but it’s a tried and true method that millions of players have become addicted to. Not only have they become addicted to it, but they have managed to do it without those pesky micro transactions that companies like EA have thrived on for many years now. Players can’t replace 50 hours of gameplay with 5 dollars just to get an exotic weapon. Granted, Bungie has a free level up token for players when they buy The Taken King, and after they use it, they can subsequently spend 30 dollars on another for another character. Some may call this a “nickel and dime” strategy, but it might have been the only way to get new players up to speed with current ones. Some may deem this unfair to older players, but Bungie can’t risk alienating their new fan base by having them grind for 100+ hours to just catch up with old players. With that being said, it’s currently June and Bungie’s new super-sized expansion, “The Rise of Iron” is right on the horizon and the Destiny community is starting to feel the excitement creep in. What will Bungie pull off for “Year 3”? It’s hard telling, but you’d have to imagine that, with Destiny 2 in the works, there’d be some type of major link to the new game. Also, will there be another level up token for new players or will Bungie have all new players start at 35?  With new gear, a higher light level, a new raid, and more story, Bungie looks to pull in even more players into a game that, now anyway, is filled to the brim with content. There’s a simple solution for those who don’t like Bungie’s supposed “nickel and dime” strategy, and its “don’t play it, if you don’t like it”.


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