Welcome to Gamer’s Elegy! We just launched this week, and we’re glad to have you here. Let me just tell you a bit about ourselves, and what to expect on this site.

We’re gamers at our core. We enjoy games from a variety of genres, years, and platforms. If we’ve played it, we’ll write about it. We want to connect with others like us and discuss games, share memories, and boast our achievements. Our core focus is writing game reviews, but we’ll also share our favorite game soundtracks and discuss other aspects of the game industry.

Since this is a game-oriented group, we will be focusing solely on games and game-related material. We’re not going to talk about anything off-topic such as politics or global news (however, we may talk about how a game relates to those things). As such, any off-topic discussion will be forbidden in the comments and on our Facebook page. On top of that, any hate-filled/derogatory speech is forbidden as well. We can all be respectful of each other; there is no need to be rude or name-call. People play games to escape the problems of the real world; this site is meant to be an extension of that.

Also, in an attempt to make this site open to as large an audience as possible, the content on the site will stick to a (roughly) PG-13 rating. Comments are expected to follow suit.

Thank you for taking the time to look at this. Feel free to browse the site; we’ve got over a dozen reviews live right now from a wide variety of games, and we’ve got more coming within the coming week. Check back with us soon; in fact, you can follow us on Twitter and Facebook so you always have the latest updates.

See you next week!

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