Developer and Publisher: Re-Logic

Original Release Date: May 16, 2011

Review Written on: March 3, 2016

Reviewer: Zechariah Gerthung


So, about four years ago, after watching a series of videos between two known Youtubers, Jesse Cox, and Totalbiscuit, on a whim I decided to buy Terraria. Four years later, and 301 hours in, I come to give you my opinion, and review of probably one of my most loved games.

The game in and of itself does not have a plot, however it has what I’d call a progression ladder. Through that ladder you create a story and plot of your own. The basic mechanics of this game is digging, crafting, and fighting. You will always start a new character with a Copper sword, pickaxe, and axe. From there you need to mine, explore the world, and treasure hunt to get new, and better items. You start at 100 health, no mana, and with a single NPC. This NPC tells you what items craft what, and even hints to the player something they should try to accomplish. There are ways to upgrade your health, and even gain mana so you can use magic. Speaking of magic there is a bit in this game for everyone!

With this game you can almost achieve almost any kind of play style. Do you want to do a combination of a melee magic fighter? Or perhaps you’d like to make a summoner that uses a mini-gun? You can do that. Perhaps you’d liked to spend some time and build up a massive castle like town, maybe even one that’s on a massive floating piece of land, and lure new and different NPC’s there? Go for it!2015-08-23_00001

With a recent update of the game known as update 2.0 a massive load of content was added. There are themed events that happen during things like Halloween, Christmas, etc. On top of that new biomes where added. These include the bug biome in the desert, a tundra biome, a new variation of each type of ore, now instead of just the corruption, there’s a chance that instead it will be Crimson.  This is the same deal as Corruption but with different mobs, a new boss with different mechanics to the Corruptions and different items. The game has so much to give, and it wants to give you it all.

It is also worth mentioning that this game now does in fact have multiplayer capabilities. You and your friends can make a whole world up just for you to play on and enjoy. The best part is it is mostly painless to get things set up for you and your friends to all connect to the same world.

So now that I’ve told you what the game is about, and everything you can expect to see during the first hour of foraying into the world, it’s time to hear what I think.

The Pros of the game.

  • The game has a massive variety of game play styles you can achieve, you can play any way you’re comfortable with
  • The game has varying degrees of difficulty that you can choose as you make your character and your world.
  • The progression of the game is very fluid, and you can move forward at your own pace, how fast you get through the game is dependent on how well you can play, and how fast you’d like to move through
  • There are ways to collect money and items to help give you a boost if things feel like they’re slowing.
  • The variation and switching between crimson, corruption, and the various types of ores allow for a unique world almost every time a new one is generated.
  • The battle mechanics, are simple, intuitive, and once mastered still incredibly fun.
  • If you feel like you’re not enjoying it alone, you can play with friends, to add an entirely new layer to the game
  • Seasonal events add different, interesting, and funny items and bosses to the game (Looking at you Mourning Wood.)
  • Due to the games randomization of world generation each world will be different and unique, you never know what you may encounter or what interesting land formations you may see!


The Cons of the game

  • While the game has many different ways of play, and you can achieve many variations, styles, and ways, as the game nears the big bad end boss each style of play has a ‘best type’ of armor and weapon that if not used can make the final fight difficult and require a lot of skill. (However recently during 2.0 they added in a social slot to equipment to allow players to wear the best and sometimes ugly armors, yet still be able to wear the things they loved the look of over top, so you can still look amazing and get them delicious stats!)
  • Though the game has many types of difficulties, when it comes to certain types it becomes less of that mad the game completely different, and more so that made the game annoying. (this is my personal opinion as a con, some may enjoy the various cores you can set a character to that adds a different degree of difficulty)
  • Connectivity in this game, at least through steam and without a completely dedicated server, is a nightmare. More than once when myself and friends would get together to play we would get an error or bug that would cause the connection to a server or one of my friends to freeze and remain in a state of limbo where it desperately tries to connect but does not go past a ‘connecting to’ screen.
  • The game can easily overwhelm a new player. Being dropped into a world with barely any idea of what to do other than mine ore and cut down trees and make a base, the game does not explain anything, and it’s up to you to either work it out, or look at the Wiki for information.
  • Though I praise this game for its variations and changing elements, I also must berate it for how drastically different in difficulty some things are from others.
    • For instance there is now an area where you can collect Marble, and Greek esc items, however the mobs that frequent this area, being Medusa and Legionaries skeletons are awful to fight against. Yet its counterpart which is Granit, is fairly simplistic, and some argue too easy. Same with crimson and corruption, however from what I understand and have encountered this is purely based on the players experience, as one can be difficult for someone, while for another it may be extremely easy.
  • The games various events, seasons, and ‘invasions’ of special mobs and things, while being fun, also are very deadly, and if a new player does not understand how to cause or prevent them can very easily cause the players progression to come to a grinding halt.


So to finish this big review off, Do I or do I not recommend this game?

Even though this game has quite a few issues that can cause a player to run into a brick wall at times, this game has hours and hours of fun within. I’ve had my issues with it, and still do with some aspects, but despite that, I always come back and play this game, and when I’m done I can always say I’ve had a great time with it. I would HIGHLY recommend this game to anyone who may be on the fence about it. If you enjoy crafting, building, and combat based games you will enjoy Terraria.

The game is available on PC, OS X, Android, iOS, Linux, Nintendo 3DS, PlayStation 3 and 4, PlayStation Vita, Wii U, Windows Phone, Xbox 360, and Xbox one.

It has an ESRB rating of T for teens, and a PEGI rating of 12+ as there are some minor cartooned blood and violence in the game.


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