Superbrothers: Sword & Sworcery EP

I’ve had this game for a few years now (I got it back in Humble Bundle V), and while I’ve attempted to play it a few times over the years, I never had the commitment to sit down and finish the game. This changed after I got my new Android phone; since my Humble Bundle account had an Android copy of the game, might as well try to finish it, right?


Sword & Sworcery is a point-and-click adventure-type game where you play as The Scythian, a female warrior on a quest to retrieve the Megatome and the three Trigons in order to destroy the Gogolithic Mass, a funky ghost-type thingy. (Nope, not kidding.) S&S is relatively short, divided into four separate sections (called ”sessions” in-game) that can be completed in anywhere from 20-60 minutes. Well, could, aside from the fact that certain portions of the game are locked out depending on the phase of the moon (yes, the real-life phase of the moon). (You can change your device’s date and time settings to bypass this, but the game won’t allow you to get to 100% completion in one run if you do.) Each section is completed by a combination of exploration, “puzzle”-solving, and occasional combat/boss fights.


There’s a lot that I like about this game. The graphics are beautiful: a simple pixelated pallet with occasional non-pixelated special effects. Each area conveys an adventurous sort of mood, thanks in part to the fantastic soundtrack by the talented Jim Guthrie. S&S also has a quirky sense of humor; the dialog is very laid-back, and there’s an occasional fun sound effect. The “puzzles”, while not exactly puzzles (in my opinion), aren’t too frustrating. Also, the length of the game is perfect; it doesn’t overstay its welcome, and it doesn’t feel like it’s too short.

However, the game’s length also means that you will be traversing the same areas repeatedly. This doesn’t get too crazy, but it still would have been nice to see more areas. I also thought that the plot was a bit thin. Also, having to rotate my mobile device to enter combat mode or perform other tasks was a little bit clunky, but not all that bad. And some of the boss fights were… bizarre. I didn’t hate them, but they were… well, weird. (I don’t want to spoil anything here, so you’ll have to look it up or get the game.)


All in all, Sword & Sworcery EP was a small gem that was worth the time I put into it. I wouldn’t recommend paying full desktop price for it; get it on mobile or while it’s on a Steam sale. However, I’ll also recommend buying the soundtrack, no matter what the price; it’s auditory gold.


Price: $8 on desktop, $5 on mobile

Platform(s): iOS, Android, Windows, Mac OS X, Linux

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